On March 9th, or a little less than 2 months after the fire, I began building models again.  I started by buying an airbrush, a compressor, and a model.  I chose the Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush, same as my last one.
A few months later, I also got a new Dremel tool.
The model I chose to build as my first after the fire was the Polar Lights Enterprise Refit in 1/350 scale.
Work proceeded on the kitchen table in our trailer.
After completeing this model, I then moved on to building a new kit from Stargazer Models that was recently released of
the space ship Discovery, from the movie 2001: A Space Oddyssey.  Click here for to see it.
My new Iwata airbrush setup Iwata HP-C Plus After my first trip to the hobby shop for tools 
& supplies, on the kitchen table that would 
become my modeling desk
My new Dermel kit. 
Gotta have it!

Now that I had a minimum set of paints and tools, it was time to start building....

The Arboretum - invisible after the model 
was completed
Major sub-assemblies coming together This model required LOTS of masking The Big Blue Pizza!
The first completed section, what I call 
"The neck"
Here's the primary hull, with Aztec 
decals applied
Here's the saucer section, 
almost complete
and here's the tail end docking bay
The kit comes with every type of Shuttle 
used in the Star Trek movies!  Cool!
The deflector dish.  This was a real 
challenge to paint
Here's she is, on her back
And here she is proubly standing 
on her mount
Here's one of the Worker Bees on top of 
the starboard nacelle
Front view, with 3 shuttle craft
Top view.
Side view.  Complete.  She's a beauty!

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