Spaceship Discovery One, from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"
1/144 scale model by Stargazer Models

For me, the Discovery is the icon of this film. She epitomizes all of my hopes and dreams for the future of human exploration.
I still get chills down my spine to this very day every time I see this graceful yet odd-looking spacecraft
gliding majestically across the screen.

This is a model I have wanted to build my entire life, so when I read that
Stargazer Models had released a new kit of it, I jumped on it!


This is the first model I've done 
with lighting!
Here's one of the spacesuits that 
is in the EVA Pod Bay, as seen 
in the film.  Paint bottle for scale.
The center EVA Pod being 
deployed from the Bay


Front view with the lights on
The nuclear reactor engine unit
The spine and primary antenna array
A different view of the 
command module
Top/front view Top/rear view Spine and primary antenna array

Two special effects pictures:
Left:  Discovery at Jupiter, as in the movie.  The small red cresent above Jupiter is Io,
which would serve as the location for another sci-fi film made years later, called "Outland".
Right:  Discovery among the moons of Saturn, which is where the
story took place in the book, written by Arthur C. Clarke.  Image courtesy of Mr. David M Harland


Thank You, Herb Gara at and ModelMakerZ for choosing
my model for First Place in their first on-line mode building contest.

I'd also like to say Thank You to Mr. Craig Skare from Cir-Kit Concepts,
who was extremely helpful with the lighting of this model project.
This being my first model with that feature, he literally wrote me a list of parts I needed and then
walked me through putting it all together.  I highly recommend his products.

Lastly, Thank You to Mr. David M. Harland for the computer generated image of Discovery at Saturn.

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