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Links Page - find out where my internet buddies are and other links to information on the www about space exploration, space modeling, and a few other items of interest to yours truly
Affiliations - Groups I belong to, including web rings, list serves, etc.
Special Notices - Some exciting things that are going on with me and/or my site
My 15 Minutes of Modeling Fame! I once had a full page newspaper article written about my hobby.  Here it is.
Testimonial - I thought this was a nice e-mail!
Apollo in Black and White - MLSM is pleased to feature an original work of art inspired by the Apollo 11 mission by Mr. D. Judson Hindes

Me! - Here's what I looked like, a few months before I terminated work on this site.  The other gentleman in the photo is Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke
My Astronaut Encounters - Rubbing elbows with astronauts, a thrilling new hobby of mine
The Apollo 16 40th Anniversary Soirée - My brush with greatness!  On April 14, 2012, I finally got to meet many of the men who piloted the Apollo space vehicles to the moon.  What an awesome thing it was.  Also, a ton of photos from my 2 days at the Kennedy Space Center
New Horizons - Finally, the scratch build projact that took me almost a year to build is complete.  Check it out, Baby!!
Ohio Moon - a beautiful poem written by my sister Valerie for me years ago....  Thanks, Val!
The Day I Got Interested in Space - December 15, 1965.  I got so fired up about it, I did a drawing, and here it is!
60s "Science Program" Space model ads & books - A walk down Memory Lane for us Boomers!
The Alabama Saturns - Photos by yours truly of some of the saturn rockets on display in and around Huntsville, Alabama.
My Models Page - Here's some pics of a few models I've built in the past, or click here for some more recent model builds (after the fire).
NewWare Models 1/48 scale Zond Spacecraft review
IPMS 2002 National Convention Pics
IPMS 2005 National Convention Pics
IPMS Noreastcon 2006 Pics
IPMS Noreastcon 2009 Pics
Space Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Definitions
Apollo CM Unified Hatch - Detailing information for those who purchased the Real Space Models CM Hatch and/or the New Ware Models CSM decal set
Orlan Soviet/Russian space suit - a true "workhorse" of a system, the Orlan entered service during the early Salyut program and is still in use today aboard the International Space Station.  This section also includes some good shots of the SPK/YMK Russian MMU.  See also Ben Guenther's Krechet & Orlan Suit Photos
Heroes - from the old site.  My tribute to those who have died in the pusuit of space exploration

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Project Apollo

Catalog of Apollo Experiment Operations  NASA RP - 1317  NASA report on the deployment and operation of every Apollo experiment.  This is a great reference on the ALSEPs.  Also includes sections on the LRV, surface sampling tools, etc.
Apollo Stats Table - A clear, concise table of every important fact about the Apollo manned missions
Apollo Crew Portraits, Mission Patches, and Landing Sites - thumbnailed images in table form
Apollo Mission Profile - A clear, concise depiction of the major steps in a mission to the moon
The Art of Apollo - A collection of my favorite artist's depictions of Apollo history
The incredible computer genetrated imagery (CGI) of Mr. John Ortmann
Apollo - Misc Images - Lots of rare, hard to find detailed diagrams and photos of  Apollo gear.  I'm really excited about this section!
Apollo Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) - The Apollo Moon Suit
The Cameras of Apollo
Apollo Lunar Surface Hasselblad Camera
Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package - ALSEP (Index) VERY large section on this very important but neglected part of the Apollo mission
Apollo J-Series Missions SIM Bay & Data Retrieval EVA
Grumman LM Photos - Courtesy of Northrop-Grumman History Center and Mr. Paul Fjeld
Grumman LM Cutaway - This is the famous tranparent LM cutaway flip over pamphlet
Apollo Lunar Module Descent Stage Quad III
Apollo Lunar Module Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA)
Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV)
Apollo Command Module Unified Side Hatch Details

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Soviet Union Manned Lunar Program

Soviet Union Manned Lunar Program (Index)
History of the Soviet Manned Lunar Program
Links and Modeler's Note(s) - Related to the Soviet manned lunar program

Lunniy Korabl (LK) Lunar Landing Vehicle
>Eurodisney LK Exhibit
>LK Published Photos and Information
>LK Interior Photos

Krechet Lunar Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Spacesuit
Ben Guenther's Krechet & Orlan Suit Photos
Lunniy Orbital'niy Korabl (LOK) Lunar Orbital Spacecraft
Nositel N-1 Lunar Launch Vehicle
Zond 7K L-1 Circumlunar Spacecraft & Proton Launch Vehicle

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