Lunar Module Assembly Photos
All photos on this page courtesy Northrop-Grumman History Center
Photos scanned and graciously donated
to MLSM by Mr. Paul Fjeld

Reference diagram for LM axis, locations, and dimensions
Higher resolution version is here

Table of contents:
Ascent Stage
RCS Thrusters
Descent Stage

Lunar Module Designations
LM S/N Apollo Mission Call Sign
3 Apollo 9 Spider
4 Apollo 10 Snoopy
5 Apollo 11 Eagle
6 Apollo 12 Intrepid
7 Apollo 13 Aquarius
8 Apollo 14 Antares
10 Apollo 15 Falcon
11 Apollo 16 Orion
12 Apollo 17 Challenger
Manned Missions Only Cited Here
Click here for a full listing of manned Apollo mission vehicles and crews

Ascent Stage
LM 9 
LM 9 
LM 5 S-Band
LM 5 S-Band
VHF Antenna
LM 5
LM 12 IMU "Coffin"
Aft Panels
LM 12 LM 5 LM 5 LM 5 LM 5
Other Exterior Panels & Details
LM 5
Forward panel 
to left of hatch
LM 5
Forward panel 
to right of hatch
Note panel vent
LM 8 Vent Tube (?) LM 9 Vent Tube (?)
LM 8 +Y view LM 8 -Y view Deadface Drag Strut
More Aft Panels
Compare to 
this photo
LM 5 Note panel vent
Forward Hatch & Main Console
LM 12 Hatch LM 8 Hatch photo
used to create
hatch detail
LM 8
Main console
Note illuminated
dials, and DSKY
in center foreground
Ascent Stage Exterior Photos

Reaction Control System (RCS) Thrusters
All photos in this section are of LM 5 "Eagle"
Quad 1
Quad 2
Quad 3
Quad 4
Note velcro tabs used to attach thermal blankets to the metallic
"skin" of the thruster quads.  These were covered with nickel foil strips
and held in place with 3 staples each.

Descent Stage
LM 11
Quad 1 Quad 2 Quad 3 Quad 4
+Y Axis View -Y Axis View +Z Axis View
All photos above are of LM 5 "Eagle" except as noted.
The photos of the bottom of the descent stage show an inner thermal
blanket of aluminized Kapton which was covered with the
heat shield blanketing on the pad.  (seen below)
 2 Views of the Heatshield
Two photos of LM 12, "Challenger" showing the final form of heat shield,
made of KEL-F coated nickel foil.  This was adopted from LM 5 onwards.

Quad Panels

Refer to this diagram for quad panel numbers
Quad 1

LM 7 "Aquarius" from the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission.  This Quad was used
on the early lunar missions to house the deployable S-Band antenna.
On the J-Series missions of Apollos 15, 16, & 17, it carried
the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV).
Quad 2
This was also called the Scientific Equipment Bay or, "SEQ Bay", and
held the ALSEP arrays that were deployed on the lunar surface.  LM 5
Quad 3

LM 8 photo showing the original configuration of Quad 3 as seen
on all LMs up to Apollo 14.  For the J-Series missions of Apollos 15, 16, & 17,
this Quad was reconfigured to carry additional equipment, mainly for
the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV).  Click here for a full web page on this Quad.
Quad 4
Quad 4 was used to house the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly, or "MESA".
The MESA contained most of the equipment the crewmen used while on the  lunar surface,
as well as consumables such as PLSS batteries, Lithium Hydroxide canisters, etc.
The MESA also housed the lunar surface TV camera, which was mounted so as to show
the crewmen as they descended the LM ladder to the surface. Fist 5 photos are of LM 5.
The right photo shows LM 10 "Falcon" of Apollo 15, a J-Series configuration.

LM Leg Deployment Mechanism

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