Vistapro Generated Scenes

These scenes were generated using Vistapro V3.0 on a 486DX2/50 computer with a 24bit true color card. The resulting 640 x 480 16.8 million color targa files were then converted to JPEG formats using Compushow 2000!. While GIF files are OK, the JPEG files have the better shading and color blends. And they take up less disk space...

Vistapro is a landscape generating program available from It takes digital elevation data and creates the landscapes. Or you can generate your own elevation data (and landscapes) via fractals. This, along with a wild color map, can create some truly alien scenes. The output is best viewed with a 24 bit color card, as the Vistapro generated 256 color scenes lack the subtle shadings and blendings that are possible.

Day Series

The Day Series consists of scenes from a canned Vistapro session that comes with the software package.

Denali Series

The Denali Series consists of scenes centered around Denali Peak (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska.

Island in the Sky Series

The Island in the Sky Series consists of scenes generated using converted USGS DEM data of the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park and surrounding areas (including Dead Horse Point) in Utah.

Mars Series

The Mars Series consists of scenes generated using Martian elevation data. It also includes scenes generated using earthly elevation data with a Martian colormap.

Moab Series

The Moab Series consists of scenes generated using converted USGS DEM data of the Moab, Utah area, including Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park and the La Sal Mountains.

Planet Series

The Planet Series was created using POV-Ray to generate the planet in the background. This was combined with a Vistapro generated foreground to yield the results.

San Francisco Series

The San Francisco Series was generated using the San Francisco elevation data.

Zion Canyon Series

The Zion Series was generated using elevation data from Zion Canyon in the Vistapro Southwest Selections set.

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