Vostok Tips from rec.models.rockets

I pulled these references from the rec.models.rockets newsgroup and from the newsgroup archives. The tips are in chronological order and have been edited a bit. I haven't built mine yet, so I can't vouch for any of these tips...

From: petealway@aol.com (Peter Alway)
Date: 15 Nov 1994 20:45:51 GMT

A note for those of you with The Art of Scale Model Rocketry in hand: On P. 78 (at the end of the Vostok plan) a note says to do the swing stability test and add weight as needed. I can now be more specific--the model should balance no more than 13" from the nose tip (around the middle of the booster nose cones) and about 2 oz of clay in the nose will bring the center of gravity to that point.

I have also noticed some 1 1/2" diameter hardwood spheres at local craft shops that could serve as the spacecraft reentry capsule and at least some of the nose weight.