BAR Nostalgia:
The Estes Model Rocketry Manual

The 1969 Estes Catalog was the first to contain the Estes Model Rocketry Manual... an excellent guide to model rocketry. Since the information is quite useful, I've included a full size Adobe PDF file of scans of each page for you to download and print for yourself. But if you just want to scan the information, the JPG files should do fine in your browser.

The most current version of the Adobe Acrobat software may be obtained free of charge from the Adobe web site:

  • Model Rocket Manual
  • Your First Rocket
  • Construction Technique
  • Flying Your Model
  • Stability
  • Recovery Systems
  • Multi-Staging
  • Launching
  • Clustering
  • Finishing
  • Tracking
  • Boost-Glide
  • Safety
  • Rocket Engine Design
  • Engine Classification
  • Model Rocket Performance
  • Measurements

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