The 1977 Estes Christmas Catalog

Catalog cover Catalog cover Click on the front cover image to get to the beginning of the catalog or the back cover to get to the end of the catalog and page through... or select an item from the table of contents below. You can also download a full sized version of it as an Adobe PDF file. The most current version of the Adobe Acrobat software may be obtained free of charge from the Adobe web site:

I want to thank Bruce Thomas for sending the catalog for all of us to enjoy. Thanx, Bruce!

Table of Contents

  • Andromeda
  • Camroc Carrier
  • Cobra-1500
  • German V-2
  • Honest John
  • Interceptor
  • Launch Equipment
  • LTV Scout
  • Mars Lander
  • Model Rocket News Volume 17, Number 5
  • Nike Ajax
  • Orbital Transport
  • Pershing-1A
  • Russian Vostok
  • Sandhawk
  • Saturn 1B
  • Scissor-Wing Transport
  • Scrambler
  • Sidewinder Plans
  • Sky Dart
  • Space Shuttle
  • Star Blazer
  • Star Wars Flying Model Rocketry Starter Set

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    Sven Knudson