The Cox Rocketry Science Handbook

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I want to thank Bruce Thomas for sending the scans for all of us to enjoy. Thanx, Bruce!

Table of Contents

  1. Engine Design and Function
  2. A Typical Two Stage Flight
  3. Two Stage Trajectory Graphs
  4. Measuring Peak Altitude
  5. Discussion of the Nike Zeus Single Stage and Two Stage Performance Graphs
  6. Matching the Engine's Delay Time with the Rocket Vehicle's Coast Time
  7. Experiment 1 - Comparing Measured to Predicted Altitude
  8. Experiment 2 - Measuring How Payloads Affect Altitude
  9. Experiment 3 - Measuring Aerodynamic Drag
  10. Experiment 4 - Measuring Wind Speed and Wind Drift
  11. Conclusions
  12. Future Experiments
  13. Review Questions
  14. Appendix

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