From the placard:
The X-38 Project was a series of prototype vehicles used to develop technology to build and operate a space station crew return vehicle. The wingless CRV, when operational would be the first reusable human spacecraft to be built in more than two decades.

This X-38, V-232 was the second prototype built and tested. At approximated 80% of intended actual size, this X-38 was dropped from NASA's B-52 "Mother ship" to test glide dynamics, Para-foil deployment and control, and landing capabilities.

Length: 24.5 ft.
Width: 11.6 ft.
Height: 8.4 ft.
Weight: 16,000 lbs.

The Strategic Air & Space Museum would like to thank NASA Johnson Space Center for the loan of the X-28 and Werner Global Logistics for providing transportation and logistics in getting the X-38 from NASA to Nebraska.

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Sven Knudson