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Manufacturer: Spacemonkey Models
Name: V-2/A-4 German Ballistic Missile/American Research Rocket
Scale: 1:24
Kit contents: 1 blow molded styrene part
34 injection molded styrene parts (some are extra)
styrene strip
The V-2 in America DVD
Comments: If your only exposure to blow molded styrene parts was to Estes or Dragon (DML) kits, then you're in for a pleasant surprise. Instead of soft detail, the blow molded main fuselage part of the missile has crisp details and only a faint mold line to clean up. You'll need to cut off the ends and carefully sand them square. You'll also need to clip the very prominent extraction posts on the fins and do some shaping of the nose tip, depending upon which variant you choose to model. Much of the construction techniques are very similar to moderately difficult model rockets, only with this kit you don't need to worry about a motor mount. The instructions are very thorough and lavishly illustrated with photographs, both for assembly and reference. A separate sheet contains a wraparound alignment guide, warhead tip profiles, and an aft feature location drawing. Decals are included for four variants: 2 battlefield weapons and 2 postwar variants, including Project "Sandy". The biggest piece of reference material is the included V-2 in America DVD, produced by rocket.aero.
Order from: Spacemonkey Models
116 Rosebud Ln.
Georgetown, TX 78633-4383

email: james@rocket.aero
web: http://www.spacemonkeymodels.com/
(as of 7/18/11)
$59.95 plus shipping

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