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Manufacturer: Space Model Systems
Name: The Ultimate Saturn V Decal Set
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: decals
Comments: The title of this decal set says it all: it's the Ultimate set of decals for those of you brave enough to build a 1/48 scale Saturn V launch vehicle. Not only does this set include the standard UNITED STATES and US flags, it also includes all the position and sway markings, umbilical stencils, serial numbers, etc. for everything from the S1-C stage to the SIV-B, BPC and LES. Since the major markings are printed on four identical sheets, you'll get some extra markings. Along with the 'standard' and terrific wraparound guides that show where each marking goes on the model, the documentation includes supplemental guides to show where to place recently discovered small markings on the S-IVB, SLA and S-1C. The registration of the colors is dead on in my set with very crisp printing by Microscale

Thanx to Rick Sternbach for the review samples.

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(as of 8/14/07)

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Sven Knudson