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Manufacturer: Space Model Systems
Name: The Ultimate Redstone Booster Decal Set
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: decals
Comments: These decals are intended for your conversion of the Glencoe Jupiter C kit into a Mercury/Redstone booster. Everything you need to depict any vehicle from the program is here, from checkerboard patterns to UNITED STATES lettering to miscellaneous stencils. Also included is a bit of silver decal to be cut into strips. You can also get the Mercury spacecraft decals in the bundled set. The decals are beautifully printed by Microscale. The documentation includes wraparound drawings, articles by David Weeks and Jay Chladek, notes on the various mission details, and a reference list that includes links to NASA high resolution photos. You can order the decals without the documentation, if you want to order multiple sets. But you should definitely get the docs with your first set: they are worth it for the drawings alone.

Thanx to Rick Sternbach for the review samples.

Order from: CultTVMan's Hobby Shop
PO Box 7041
Atlanta , GA. 30357-0041

email: CultTVman@aol.com
web: http://www.culttvmanshop.com/
(as of 10/21/13)
Set #MR48 (booster decals only)- $9.95
Set #MRB48 (booster and spacecraft decals) - $13.95

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