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Manufacturer: Space Helmet Models
Name: Russian Orlan DMA EVA Suit
Scale: 1:16
Kit contents: 7 resin parts
Comments: The resin parts are solid with slightly soft details and a smooth surface finish with lots of texture molded into place. There are no visible airholes in any of my parts. Small pour stubs must be removed from the arms and main figure's feet. Parts are included to model the figure in one of two ways: either as a cosmonaut suiting up with his upper torso extending from back of the opened suit or as a fully suited cosmonaut with the backpack closed. The detail is superb on all of the parts, particularly on the cosmonaut's upper torso. The instructions are multiple views of the figure with detailed painting instructions. A color emblem guide is included in lieu of decals for the suit patches.
Order from: Space Helmet Models
email: astron@eresmas.com
web: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Space-Helmet-Models/438055056281252
(as of 1/14/14)
$68 plus shipping

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Sven Knudson