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Manufacturer: Space Helmet Models
Name: Apollo XII Astronaut on the Moon
Scale: 1:12
Kit contents: 29 resin parts
resin base
5 rubber parts
lead foil
metal fittings
Comments: The resin parts are solid with no visible airholes and crisply molded details. There is some flash around the smaller detail parts. All parts need to be removed from their pour plugs. There is a bit of a seam on the main figure that will need some cleanup. The kit comes with an option for the figure to hold a core sample tube or a hammer. The TV camera is also included as part of the display. The suit hoses are represented by rubber parts. The metal fittings are used along with resin parts to construct the hose fittings. The instructions include several detailed assembly drawings, supplemented by text in English. Painting callouts are also included in the instructions, along with a decal guide. Decals are included for the cuff checklists as well as the mission patches and stencils.
Order from: Space Helmet Models
email: astron@eresmas.com
web: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Space-Helmet-Models/438055056281252

(as of 6/18/17)
$135 plus shipping

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