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Manufacturer: Spacecraft76
Name: TTV-1 Test Tow Vehicle Paraglider
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 1 pre-assembled styrene/resin part
1 vacuformed part
4 pre-assembled cables
plastic rod
wooden base
metal stand
Comments: This kit provides parts for the paraglider part of the Test Tow Vehicle TTV-1 used to test the recovery of a Gemini capsule onto land. The actual TTV-1 boilerplate itself is not included in the kit: you'll have to provide that on your own (possibly by adapting a Revell Gemini kit). The main spar part has already been assembled: you'll just need to do a bit of sanding where the resin portion meets the styrene tubes. The sail is a single vacuformed part that has two locating holes that match to corresponding pins on the main spar. It's also been trimmed and has locating holes for the cable hardware at the wingtips. The preassembled cables are in three lengths so you can hang your model at a nice angle from the included display stand. The instructions include a short program history, diagrams of the TTV-1 control panel, cable attachment points and the paraglider itself, photos of the TTV-1 on display at the Smithsonian, and a couple of assembly photos showing how to attach the cable hardware and how to mount the vacuformed sail to the spar. Also included is a part inventory, large top and bottom view diagrams with details about cable attachment points on the spar and sail. When you order the kit, you'll have a choice of the decal with red stripes or the all-white configuration. The decal is printed on an ink-jet and has had a gloss overcoat spray onto it.
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