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Manufacturer: Spacecraft 76
Name: Hubble Space Telescope Solar Panel Upgrade
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 2 prebuilt styrene frames
2 prebuilt styrene/resin arms
8 sheet styrene parts
4 styrene C-channel parts
Comments: This kit provides parts to replace the solar panels in the Skilcraft Hubble Space Telescope kit to depict the solar panels after the shuttle servicing missions in 1993 and 2002. Most of the hard work has already been done, as the framework for the solar panels has already been built. The panels themselves are represented by the precut sheet styrene parts. The mounting arms are also prebuilt from styrene rod, channel and some resin (I think). The kit is designed so that the mounting arms replace the kit panel mount, allowing you to attach the solar panels after detailing the main telescope (or detach them for transport). The instructions include a brief background of the Hubble telescope and servicing missions, step-by-step text instructions, including how to mount the replacement panels onto the Skilcraft kit, some photos of the real Hubble solar panels and of the prototype model. A template is provided for properly aligning the panels onto the frames. Inkjet printed decals are included for both the front and back of the panels.
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(as of 7/16/13)

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