Tomas Kladiva's Space Decal Set

Close your eyes... no wait, then you can't read the rest of this. OK, picture this: you've finally managed to shell out the scratch for the Decal sheet 1/96 scale Revell Saturn V kit. But you hesitated to build it because of the cheesily painted markings on the thin plastic tank walls. And you certainly didn't look forward to Decal sheet masking and painting new markings! Well, Tomas Kladiva has come out with a set of decals to replace those markings. Not only that, he's added decals for additional markings on the Saturn V. Pretty good deal, you say? Wait! There's more! There are decals for a 1/144 scale Saturn V, if you want to spiff up your Monogram or Airfix kit. There are markings for a 1/48 scale Mercury-Redstone, Gemini-Titan, and Apollo spacecraft. For you 1/144 scale fans, there are markings for an Atlas, Little Joe II, Gemini-Titan, Juno II, X-33, Lambda, Tsyklon, Black Arrow, and Sparta. There are also decals for the umbilical markings on the 1/32 scale Apollo CSM! I may have missed one or two: there are a lot of markings on the two sheets. If you want to see the complete list of what's on the sheets, check out his web page. Oh, you also get a sheet of blank decal paper for creating your own stripes for roll patterns... or for whatever you want.

My set of decals is very nicely printed (by Extratech) and perfectly in register. The set includes a printed map of the decal sheets shows which decals are meant for which models: a requirement for a set of decals this comprehensive. There's also a guide to show where the Apollo CSM umbilical markings go... there are markings in 1/32, 1/48, and 1/96 scales! And now you've got no excuse to put off building that Saturn V... (other than the excuse that I've got many, many other models ahead of it in the queue... and I'm the World's Slowest Modeler).

At $12 a set, these decals are a great deal. Shipping is $4.00 extra. I sent cash... and it got there OK. If you want, you can send a Barclay's Bank IMO, but then you'll have to add $2.00 to your order for the cashing fee.

Ordering info:

ing. Tomas Kladiva
Zelazneho 6
712 00 Ostrava 2


Sven Knudson

July 8, 1998