Modeling runways

I have found a nice way to replicate runways: Use fine grit (400- 600) wet and dry sandpaper (dark grey color). Glue a piece of it on your base. Scribe the lines with a old screwdriver (remember it's abrasive, after all!). For small scales, a common black pen will replicate tar lines between panels. Then, one panel at the time, gently rub pastel chalk at the center on the panel with your finger. Work gently if you want to keep your fingerprints: it BURNS!

Use brown, ochre, then white. The pastel chalk is trapped by the paper, creating subtle tone variations. The final touch is to use a shoe-brush in parallel to panel lines, in order to "harmonize" the finish. The advantage of this method is that the sandpaper has already got a to-scale aspect of concrete. Besides, you don't need paint and won't ruin any brush. You could also use an airbrush, but I found that changing between 3 or 4 colours was rather tedious.

This method works GREAT, and I think it gives better results than commercial pre-printed runways

David Placci

rec.models.scale, 1 June 1995