Gold tinted visor

I have painted several resin Apollo Astronauts. I first sprayed the visor with Krylon Gold paint through an Airbrush. Then with Tamiya Clear Orange sprayed onto the visor until a very deep rich and shiny amber. It also has a very reflective quality to it. Allow to dry between coats and when thouroughly dry, polish with a model finish wax like "The Treatment."

This has worked on models of ReHeat's 120mm "Buzz" Aldrin and a 1/10 Scale model of Alan Shepard (Golfing) of Apollo 14.

Hope this tip helps everybody.

Don Matthys
IPMS 32708
rec.models.scale, 5 Jan 1997

You may want to pass along that replacement gold mirrored visors can be made for the Revell SSP Apollo Astronaut kit during this time of year. Gold mirrored Easter eggs can be found at craft stores, from which new proper visors can be cut. I've done this and it works great, matching the compound curves of the LEVA visors exactly.

Shane Johnson
04 Mar 1997