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Manufacturer: RealSpace Models
Name: SkyLab Detail Set
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 4 resin parts
Comments: These parts make up for the woeful lack of accuracy of the Dragon Models Saturn V with Skylab kit. They provide the solar panel wing covers (one of which was ripped off during launch of the laboratory), along with the space station radiator which should replace the J-2 engine as provided by the Dragon kit. We all know there wasn't an engine on Skylab... why didn't Dragon? Anyway, the parts are molded with crisp details and a smooth surface finish. The solar panel wings need to removed from their pour plugs, while the radiator parts are stub-free. The mounting ring on my radiator part suffered a couple of chips from shipping, but they can be easily glued back (and will be hardly visibly once installed on the model). The instruction sheet shows where the covers are to be placed on the model, along with the proper orientation of the radiator. I didn't realize it, but the radiator itself is canted a bit with respect to the station. The instruction sheet also shows the proper painting scheme for the parts, but doesn't specify how to modify the Dragon kit to install the radiator: you'll have to figure that out yourself. It looks to me that you'll have to saw off the lower dome off of Dragon part E2 in order to attach the radiator.
Order from: RealSpace Models
813 Watt Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32303

email: realspace@nettally.com
web: http://www.realspacemodels.com/
(as of 7/16/14)

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