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Manufacturer: New Ware
Name: Saturn V (and other) Decals
Scale: 1:96 (for the Saturn V)
1:144, 1:128, 1:125, 1:48, & 1:32 (for others)
Kit contents: decals
Comments: The bulk of the decals in this set is intended for the Revell 1/96 scale Saturn V. These include all of the markings, from US flags to UNITED STATES to fin and stage markings. Other decals included in the set are for the following: 1/144 scale: Saturn V (no flags, though), X-33, Lambda, Black Arrow, Tsyclone, Little Joe II, Atlas-SCORE, Thor or Delta, Gemini-Titan, Juno II, and the Sparta Redstone. 1/128 scale: Sparta Redstone. 1/125 scale: Ariane 1. 1/48 scale: Apollo CSM, Mercury-Redstone, and Gemini-Titan. 1/32 scale: Apollo CSM flyaway umbilical stencils. Printing and color registration of the decals are first rate. Also included is a sheet of blank decal paper for applying your roll patterns or any other marking you wish... of course, you'll have to paint the markings yourself... The instruction sheet shows the mapping of the decals on the various sheets, along with a graphical guide to applying the decals to the 1/96 Saturn V.

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Sven Knudson