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Manufacturer: New Ware Space Kits
Name: R-7 Soyuz 2 (ST)
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 52 resin parts (includes extras)
39 photoetched parts (includes extras)
Comments: The resin parts are solid, with crisply molded details, finely engraved panel lines and a smooth surface finish. The engine bells are all nicely hollowed out. All parts are still attached to their pour plugs. There is some flash around the interstage trusswork that will need careful removal. Included with the mission specific decals are a set of R-7 stencils. The instructions include a short program history and multiple graphical assembly steps broken down by subassemblies with detail insets. You will need to add some wire or rod to add additional detail. A multiview painting and decaling guide, including wraparound detail for the misspen specific ALPS decals, completes the instructions.
Order from: New Ware
ing. Tomas Kladiva
Klimkova 5
710 00 Slezska Ostrava
email: tom.nwkits@seznam.cz
web: http://www.mus.cz/~ales/newware/
(as of 9/03/14)
$99 plus shipping

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