N1 Launch Video

Andrew Charles Newstead has produced a Quick Time video clip of a Soviet N1 rocket liftoff. There are two versions of the same clip. Each version is about 10 Mbytes in size, so prepare for a wait while it downloads... You will also need a QuickTime player to view the clip. If you don't have it, you can download it from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/.

Andrew writes:

Why two files?

They have been produced using different compression-decompression (codec) systems.

N1v2 has been produced using the new Sorenson Video codec and probably the best quality version. This has a price, though, and that is it needs a fairly quick machine (Pentium II or 604 PowerMac) running Quicktime 3 upwards to playback properly.

N1v4 has been produced using the H.262 codec. Slightly less good than Sorenson and a slightly bigger file, its benefit is that it should work ok on older machines.

Both files are 160 by 120 pixels sized and are running at 15 frames per sec. The less fps used, the smaller the file size but the more jerky the picture. I have produced video with a frame rate of 4 fps: at this rate a one minute video comes in at around 1 Mbyte but is distinctly jerky. Should you want a smaller file come back to me and I'll set one up.

As I've mentioned before, I've still got the raw video file at home. From this I can pull good quality large still frames so if anyone wants an image from the video to reference something I can do this quite easily and send it on as a Gif, JPEG or whatever.

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