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Manufacturer: Muroc Models
Name: NASA SCA Current Configuration Detail Set
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 17 resin parts
styrene rod
Comments: This kit replaces the inaccurate parts in the Revell 747/Shuttle kit. It provides new braces and vertical stabilizers for the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. This kit depicts the SCA during the operational program (the forward struts are lower than the ALT configuration). The kit parts are solid resin with crisp detail, some flash, but no prominent pinholes. Most parts are still on their pour plug and will need to be carefully removed, as some of them are quite delicate. Parts are identified by a photo showing the part numbers that are called out on the instruction sheet. The styrene rod appears to replace a resin part that did not form correctly (but I could be wrong). The instructions include detailed information as to how to use the replacement parts, including templates for marking the part locations on the 747. The instructions also show the correct window placement on the 747.
Order from: Muroc Models
email: newmanispwest@yahoo.com
(as of 1/9/12)
$12.00 plus shipping

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