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Manufacturer: Project-X
Name: Bell X-1E
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 6 resin pieces
20 metal pieces
clear acetate
Comments: The resin parts are solid, with a slick surface finish and some flash, but no visible airholes. The control surface lines are crisply recessed, but there are no other panel lines in evidence. The metal parts make up the landing gear, cockpit details, probes, and optional ventral fins. The clear acetate has to be cut to fit into the D558-2 style canopy piece. The instructions include an exploded assembly drawing, text assembly instructions, a short program history, a detailed drawing for assembling the landing gear, and a graphical painting guide. The decals include all markings necessary for the kit, including the antiglare panel under the cockpit.
Order from: Precision Enterprises Unlimited
PO Box 97
Springfield, VT 05156

phone: 802-885-3094
(as of 3/12/00)

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Sven Knudson