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Manufacturer: Martin's Model Accessories
Name: Saturn V / Saturn 1B S-IVB stage thrust structure
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 1 resin part
plastic beads
instruction slip
Comments: This is to replace the poorly detailed parts for either the Monogram or Airfix kits. The thrust structure is solid with crisply molded details. The pour stub will have to be removed. The beads are to represent the helium spheres on the thrust structure. The instruction slip gives an internet link (http://heroicrelics.org/info/s-ivb/s-ivb-v-propellant-pressurization.html that shows the proper locations for the spheres on the thrust structure.
Order from: Martin's Model Accessories
web: http://martins-models.co.uk/
email: martin.goldsack@tesco.net
(as of 1/15/12)

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