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Manufacturer: Martin's Model Accessories
Name: Saturn V S-II stage thrust structure
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 2 to 7 resin parts
plastic beads (with engines)
instruction sheet (with engines)
Comments: This is to replace the wildly inaccurate Monogram parts for the second stage thrust structure and engines. Or if you have the Airfix kit, you can replace the thrust structure and use the kit supplied engines. The thrust structure part is solid with crisply molded details. The bottom surface will need sanding down to fit. The engines are hollow cast with some airholes in my parts. The pour plugs also need to be removed from the engines. Beads are provided to represent the helium tanks on the engines. The small instruction slip (if the engines are purchased) has a photo showing the placement of the bead on the engine part.
Order from: Martin's Model Accessories
web: http://martins-models.co.uk/
email: martin.goldsack@tesco.net
(as of 1/15/12)
£3.50 for thrust structure alone
£7.50 for thrust structure and J-2 engines

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Sven Knudson