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Manufacturer: Martin's Model Accessories
Name: Saturn C-2 Conversion
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 32 resin parts
Comments: This kit is meant to be combined the Airfix Saturn 1B kit to represent the concept-only C-2 version of the Saturn family. It consists of the S-1B first stage, a four engined S-II second stage with J-2 engines, and the S-IV third stage. The Airfix kit provides the first stage and BPC/LES while this conversion kit provides the rest of the parts for the launcher. Most of the resin parts are hollow and lightweight. Details are crisply molded in place, but there are numerous molding gunges and irregularities that will need cleaning up. Most of the parts do not have attached pour plugs, but the edges of the parts will need some work to clean them up. There are some air holes in some of the parts. Bulkheads and engines are included if you wish to make the stages separable. The instruction sheet includes a parts list and text instructions on how to use the Airfix parts with the kit to build the C-2 launch vehicle. No decals are included, as the Airfix decals are intended to be used. There is a painting suggestion, but since the rocket was never built, you can come up with whatever scheme you want.
Order from: Martin's Model Accessories
web: http://martins-models.co.uk/
email: martin.goldsack@tesco.net
(as of 09/23/13)

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