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Manufacturer: LVM Studios
Name: LC-14 LUT
Scale: 1:110
Kit contents: about 200 photoetched parts
styrene stock
12 aluminum parts
Comments: This kit is to be used with the Revell "Everything is Go" Mercury Capsule with Atlas booster kit and provides the Launch Utility Tower that stands off to the side of the launch platform. The photoetched parts are provided on two large sheets. Additional detail is provided with the various sizes and shapes of styrene stock included in the kit. You will have to provide some small beads to represent light bulbs for the small aluminum half-cone parts that represent the light shades. You'll also need to provide thread to represent the elevator cables. In addition to the LUT parts, parts are included to detail the Mercury/Atlas vehicle, including an escape tower to replace the crude kit part. The CD ROM includes the instructions in a 32 page PDF file, along with photos of the prototype kit and several reference shots of the real Mercury launch tower. The instructions are particularly good, including the parts layout on the sheets, with each part identified by number. Assembly of the LUT is broken down into several steps, with each step showing the proper way to fold the parts. Multiple views show how they fit together with specific details provided in English. A painting guide is also included in the instructions.
Reference Price:
€ 138.00 (VAT included)

Parts views

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Sven Knudson