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Manufacturer: LVM Studios
Name: Batted F-1 Engines
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 10 resin parts
instruction sheet
Comments: This kit is intended to replace the non-batted, woefully out of scale kit parts for the Dragon Saturn V kit. Each engine is made up of two parts: the engine bell and the pumps. The engine bell parts are hollowed out and have very nice details molded on the interior as well as the batted exterior. The pump parts are solid and have the batted insulation molded in place. No air holes are evident in my samples. The parts are still attached to their pour plugs and the bottoms of the engine bells will need a light sanding, but otherwise the parts are very clean. The instruction sheet shows how to mate the parts and where they go on the Dragon kit. You will need to remove some detail from the Dragon kit part. Bare-Metal Foil is recommended to cover the exterior of the parts, but Alclad II or silver enamel paint may also be used.

Thanks to LVM Studios for the review copy!

Reference Price: € 59.50 (VAT included)

Parts views

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Sven Knudson