Building 1/144 Luna and Vostok launcher models

Apex box artSome time ago I got the Vostok launcher kits from Apex. They are good enough in basic dimensions, but the Vostok stage is very simple, without correctional motors. Because there were 2 versions of this stage, I decided to do both. This is only a simple description how to do this, if you want to do more detailed models, see drawings and photos.

Airfix box artFirst I made the Luna launcher. I used the 1/144 Vostok kit from Airfix to add some details to the Vostok stage as shown. I removed the upper part of the Vostok stage and added the Sputnik cone to it (see drawing).

Detail drawing

After that I made the Vostok launcher. The worst problem was what to do with the aerodynamic shroud of the Vostok spacecraft. I decided to use the Voskhod conversion kit from Rho models (see drawing below). The result is much better.

Detail drawing

Tomas Kladiva
06 Feb 98