Photos from the 2015 IPMS/USA National Convention

The convention was in Columbus, OH, so Krista came along this year. Columbus is a really nice town and the National Museum of the United States Air Force (or the 'Air Force Museum' to us old guys) is just up the road in Dayton. It was great seeing the gang again and the Space and Sci-Fi categories were well populated, if not well lit. Actually, the lack of lighting in the contest room made the illuminated models really shine. At least the tables were moved away from the photon-eating walls. I missed Mike's Real Space seminar this year, as Krista and I returned home that afternoon. We had planned on missing the banquet but had no idea that the seminar would be that late on a Saturday afternoon. That'll teach me to stay until the end next time.

Since I was having some back problems, I decided not to kill myself and try to photograph every model in the show. I did try to find all the space and X-plane related models, along with the sci-fi and other stuff. The photos do no justice to the wonderful work on display in the contest room. They must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Next year's convention will be in Columbia, SC, and 2017 will be in Omaha, NE. Start making plans and be sure to pack a flashlight!

As before, I've limited the number of thumbnail images per gallery to 100. The photos are in the order in which I shot them. You can access a photo through its thumbnail on each gallery page or you can page through the photos, since they're all chained together.

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    Ninfinger self portrait
    Sven Knudson, IPMS#32490

    Posted Aug 18, 2014