Photos from the 2007 IPMS/USA National Convention

After a five year gap, I was finally able to rejoin the space modelers at the IPMS/USA National Convention. Despite many problems with the convention organization (and an inconvenience of my own making -- leaving my driver's license in Tucson), we had a great time, what with Disneyland being nearby and all... We finally got our space modelers SIG table

in the vendors room, thanks to head space judge Mike Mackowski. He brought the Viking lander and the Kliper launch vehicle. I brought along some paper models as well. My paper N-1 launch vehicle didn't survive the trip (making it an accurate representation of the real thing, as far as I'm concerned), but the Vostok launcher and Gemini capsules managed to be presentable.

The Real Space Seminar was held on Thursday afternoon. Mike presented a look at a couple of upcoming New Ware Models detail kits for the 1/48 scale Monogram LM. The kits allow the modeler to build an accurate Apollo 11-14 LM and includes parts for the MESA, antennae, thruster nozzles, etc. After that, he introduced the speakers for the seminar. Mike Idacavage gave a Powerpoint presentation of NASA aircraft. Then Dave Weeks gave a very detailed presentation on Apollo recoveries, including the markings for the various helicopters used. This all came about from his research for his Apollo 9 recovery diorama that he built for the San Diego Air and Space Museum to accompany their recently acquired Apollo 9 Command Module "Gumdrop." After his presentation, Mike Mackowski drew names for door prizes which included some Yahoo groups Space-Modelers items and several posters.

Mike Idacavage presents the aircraft of NASA.

Mike Mackowski mans the computer for the presentations.

Dave Weeks presents Apollo recovery details.

The contest room really filled up by Friday evening and judging time. There were a fair number of real space models, including some giant 1/70 scale Saturn rockets built from the Apogee Components kits. David Carlton won first place for his Goddard rocket entitled "Rocket Science." Since the awards ceremony had a 'major glitch,' only the 'Best of' winners were announced at the banquet so I don't know (at the time of this writing) who won second or third place. Dave Week's Apollo 9 recovery diorama won first place in Miscellaneous Dioramas. I was stunned that my scaled down Delta 7 Studios Sigma 7 Mercury capsule won first place in the Paper Space and Sci-Fi category. This was the first time that paper models had their own category at the national convention and I think it went over very well. The most commonly overheard comment at that table was "That's paper?"

This was the first national convention at which I had my digital camera, so I went nuts in the contest room, shooting everything that caught my eye. I don't know who built what, since the contest forms didn't have names on them this year. But I hope you enjoy the meager offerings herein. And, as always, these photos are a poor substitute for viewing the models in person. Try to attend a National convention if you can. The 2008 convention will be in Virginia Beach, Virginia. And if you're really planning ahead, the 2009 convention will be in Columbus, Ohio.

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