Photos from the 1999 IPMS/USA National Convention

Here are some fotos I shot of models in the contest room at the 1999 IPMS/USA National Convention in Orlando. I thought I had a great scheme this year: volunteer for the photo crew, then I'd have lots of time to shoot the models I wanted to with no interference from other people. Well, the best laid plans and all that... It was past 3:00 am when I finally had some free time, and I was already pretty beat from the entire week's proceedings (see Mike Mackowski's convention writeup for a lot of the details, since it's all a blur to me), so I just shot all the space models and most of the space dioramas. I had been moving all around the contest room all evening, so I didn't feel like roaming around any more for more photos. I did shoot a few more models after the awards ceremony (one of the most seamless I've ever seen!) and before the models were packed up and whisked away. The entry forms didn't have a place for the modeler's name, so I don't know whose models a lot of these are... The entry form also didn't have a place for the scale and kit used (if any), so I've guessed at a couple. So if you can identify an modeler I couldn't, or you see that I've made an egregious (or even a minor) error, please let me know. You can just click on the first photo in the table and then traverse along, since the entire list is linked.

These photos are mere shadows of the real things. The quality of the craftsmanship really has to be seen to be believed. If you can, try to attend one of these conventions sometime. Besides all the fantastic models to look at and all the wonderful things you can find in the vendors room, the people that attend are truly fun people to be around... especially the space guys! The next IPMS/USA National convention will be July 19-22, 2000, in Dallas, Texas.

Contact info:
IPMS/North Central Texas
PO Box 180778
Dallas, TX 75218-0778

Trophy table Best Hubble Award Space Shuttle Sigma 7
ASTP Vostok Man in Space set Gemini
Apollo CSM Mercury Redstone Wasserfall Thor Able
Pioneer 1 Saturn V ASTP Titan IV
Ariane 4 Thor Able Commercial Proton Gemini B
First Lunar Landing Another Lunar Landing Gemini Recovery Apollo Recovery
Apollo Recovery Redstone Neil Armstrong NASA Shuttle
NASA Liner NASA Space Buggy NASA Station

Mike Mackowski sent along some of his photos from the convention:

And Ricardo Salame has sent some of his photos:

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