Photos from the 1998 IPMS/USA National Convention

Here are some fotos I shot of models in the contest room at the 1998 IPMS/USA National Convention in Santa Clara. I shot all the entrants in the Real Spacecraft category, all the X-planes I could find, and a couple of other things that just appealed to me. There were also some really neat LARGE dioramas encased in plexiglass cases that just wouldn't photograph well... at least with the equipment I had with me...

Please realize that these photos do little justice to the incredible work on most of these models. The Real Space category models were on the same tables as the aforementioned dioramas, so I was also very limited in the number of angles I could shoot from. And unfortunately (as far as I'm concerned), the number of SciFi models just overwhelmed and overflowed mightily into the Real Space category (there just weren't that many there this year and I'm partly to blame for that: I didn't have time to finish anything again this year. But I go by the old battle cry of Texas A&M (at least during the late '60s and early '70s): Wait Til Next Year!).

The entry forms didn't have a place for the modeler's name, so I don't know whose models a lot of these are... The entry form also didn't have a place for the scale and kit used (if any), so I've guessed at a couple. So if you can identify an modeler I couldn't, or you see that I've made an egregious (or even a minor) error, please let me know. You can just click on the first photo in the table and then traverse along, since the entire list is linked.

These photos are mere shadows of the real things. The quality of the craftsmanship really has to be seen to be believed. If you can, try to attend one of these conventions sometime. Besides all the fantastic models to look at and all the wonderful things you can find in the vendors room, the people that attend are truly fun people to be around... especially the space guys! The next IPMS/USA National convention will be July 21-25, 1999, in Orlando, Florida. This will be the Big One for us space modelers! For more info, write:

IPMS Florida
PO Box 362161
Melbourne, FL 32936-2161

fone: (305) 827-2666 (Rolanda Gutierrez)

And it's not too early to start planning for Dallas in 2000! (pray for rain...)

Bay Area Aviation

Gemini 4

Apollo 9 LM


Lunar Prospector

Apollo 11

Corporal Missile






JB-2 Loon

Hyper III



Out There


Buzz Aldrin

Kevin Yeager

Gene Cernan

Just Fishin'

Luftwaffe '46


People's Choice

MR-3 and GT-3

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