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Sort of like a newsgroup, only transacted by email, the email list is a way for space modelers to discuss all aspects of the hobby, from the research to the construction of models. Flame wars are not allowed! You can see what's been going on in the group by checking out the list archive. To subscribe to the Space Modelers Email List, enter your e-mail address and click on the "Subscribe" button below or go to the web page and subscribe there. But before you do, please read our guidelines. Members that fail to follow the guidelines will be subjected to having their messages sent to the group moderator for approval:

Email list guidelines

  • Welcome to the space modeler's email list! We are a friendly, close-knit, but far-flung group of folks with a common interest: building models of spacecraft and experimental aircraft. Most of our discussions, however, tend to lean towards the spacecraft subjects... While we are very informal, we do ask that you follow some simple guidelines to make this email group a pleasant place for everyone.

  • New members will have their messages moderated for a limited period of time. After that time has passed, they will be able to post messages without being moderated. This is to prevent someone from joining the group, sending out a bunch of spam, then unsubscribing. Sorry, but this is the only way to try to keep our group spam-free.

  • When sending messages, please keep to our topic: modeling of spacecraft and experimental aircraft. While some discussions of actual hardware and programs are relevant, please try not to stray too far off the subject by delving into discussions about histories, politics, program management, etc. There are other forums more suited to those subjects (,,, etc.). We want to keep our focus on modeling the hardware... no politics, just engineering! If you think a subject will be of interest to the group (such as the recent NASA Apollo 11 CD-ROM), you can label the subject line of your message with OT: (for Off Topic) so that people who only wish to read about modeling can choose not to read the message. But most Off Topic messages should be sent to the companion group set up just for this purpose at If a particular thread degenerates into Off Topic Land, you should take the discussion to the space-modelers_eva group.

  • Please be polite in your messages. Don't post anything that you wouldn't say to your grandmother's face. Do not use profanity or hurl insults. It only serves to show off your own lack of maturity. Conversely, try not to read insults into posted messages. With the lack of inflection, it's easy to misread the meaning of a message. If you have a problem with what a member has posted, email them privately instead of making us all witness your squabble. You can email another member through the web site at: (If you're unsure of how to do this, use the Help feature at Yahoo. They tend to change how they do things periodically, so they should have the best information. If you need still more help, you can email me at but it may take me a while to get back to you if I'm away from my computer.)

  • You cannot send attachments with your postings. We have an area on the web site in which we can place stuff for others to see. Simply upload your file to the vault at and send a message to the group telling everyone where your image is (usually by giving the URL of location as an http: style address. But you can just say that it's in the vault and what the name of your file is). Please only post files that are appropriate to the group: posting of inappropriate material, such as spam or pornography will result in the perpetrator being banned permanently from the group. There is no excuse for such behavior. Group policy also prohibits posting copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner. This is not only rude behavior, IT IS ILLEGAL!!!

  • Do not send messages to the group that would be best sent to an individual in private. Aside from the occasional mistakes, you never get over the feeling that you are reading someone else's mail. Please be careful when sending out your email and double check the sending address. If you just hit a 'reply' to a space-modelers email message, the reply will go to the entire group! If you are responding to the group to something someone said, put that person's name on the top. But make sure the info is of use to everyone. And remember: once a message is sent, it cannot be recalled.

  • This email group is not a chat room. There is a chat room at the web site: Please use that instead.

  • Please don't send a message that essentially just says, "Me, too" or "I agree." They don't really add anything to the discussion and merely serve to irritate the other members. If you want to take a poll of members, there's a nice polling feature at the web site at:

  • Make sure the mail subject does not contain to many Re:'s. Here is a sample that actually got sent out once: "Re: RE: RE> RE: RE: Vista Replicas Lunar Module." That many re:'s pushes the subject name off some mail reader's windows and that person doesn't know what the subject is. Just highlight extra re:'s and toss them - your message will still chain in on the main subject. At the same token, when replying to a previously posted message try not to copy that message in its entirety. Copy out the relevant section of the original message and then just repost that part, you'll find that communications will be speeded up.

  • If you change the subject in your discussion, please change the subject line of your message so that other readers will know the discussion has taken off on a tangent. For example, if you reply to a message titled "M/DM Structure Drawings" by talking about the Russian AN-225/Buran combination, change the title to "AN-225/Buran (Was [Re: M/DM Structure Drawings])." This way, other readers will know that your new message has taken the original discussion off into a new direction.

  • Please let others who may be interested know about the mail group. It is great to see a new name pop up. Treat these folks with respect and remember they haven't seen all the posts before they logged on - they don't know if we just spent two weeks discussing a topic. However, the entire archive of past messages is posted on the web site at for anyone to read.

    To subscribe, simply enter your email address and press the 'subscribe' button. You will automatically be added to the list.

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