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Manufacturer: EVA Models
Name: Soviet "Krechet" Lunar Suit
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 11 resin pieces
resin base
styrene strip
1 steel wire
printed 'decal'
instruction sheet
Comments: The pieces are solid cast resin, with intricately molded fine details. The parts are on solid plugs, which are easily removed with a razor saw. There is some flash between the legs of the main figure that will also have to be removed. Optional parts are included so you can build the cosmonaut as planting the hammer and sickle, or holding a soil sample scoop and bag... there's even a bit of soil detail in the scoop! The instruction sheet contains general and very useful information on assembling the kit. A printed paper flag and shoulder patch 'decal' are included on the cover page, along with color photos of the completed kit which serve as an assembly and painting guide.
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(as of 5/24/99)

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Sven Knudson