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Manufacturer: Eagles Talon
Name: Gemini Titan
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 34 resin pieces
9 vacuformed pieces
2 lexan tubes
thick plastic rod
thin plastic rod
sheet plastic
transparent sheet
instruction booklet
Comments: The lexan tubes make up the two stages of the rocket. The vacuformed parts were formed over female molds: the detail is very good, with the window scallops of the reentry section correctly molded for the manned Gemini flights (the Revell 1/48 scale kit's scallops are based on the prototype and are not correct for the actual flight vehicle). The resin pieces are quite delicate, particularly the equipment and retro sections of the spacecraft. Detail is very good on all resin parts, with very few (if any) pinholes. The instructions provide exploded drawings of the capsule, first, and second stage engine assemblies (which are nice models in themselves: Eagles Talon also sells the Titan engines as separate kits). The instructions also provide wrap-around painting guides and complete engine isometric drawings to aid the modeler with superdetailing.
Reference price: $55.00

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Sven Knudson