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Manufacturer: Eagles Talon
Name: X-1A/B
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 18 resin pieces
10 metal pieces
1 clear vacuformed canopy
Comments: The resin parts are finely molded, with some flash, but no evident pinholes other than one in a wing. There is a small seam on the fuselage parts, which are molded in front and back (rather than left and right) halves. The rear fuselage is hollow, while the front fuselage is solid with the cockpit molded in place. The panel lines are recessed; the wings and tail surfaces are quite thin. The ailerons, but not the rudder, are cast as separate parts. You have two choices for the pilot's seat and stick: a part exists in both resin and metal. The rest of the metal parts include the landing gear and pitot tubes, which are very fine and easily bent. But at least they bend back if you're careful... The instructions include step by step text instructions with a detail drawing for the main gear well. A three view drawing completes the 1/72 scale instruction sheet. Also included is the instruction sheet from the 1/48 scale X-1A/B kit which includes additional drawings, a program history, and painting and decaling guide. The decal sheet includes markings for both the X-1A and X1-B as well as for the B-29 carrier aircraft (tail number 521800).
Other reviews: Review by Robert Jarman, IPMS/USA Journal, Volume 10, Issue 3, March/April 1998, pp. 48-49
Reference price: $29.00

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