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Manufacturer: Collect-Aire
Name: Gemini capsule
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 85 resin parts
23 metal parts
8 photoetched parts
gold tinted transparent plastic sheet
Comments: The resin parts are molded with good detail and very few pinholes but some flash. Many extra parts are included to model the capsule in various stages of flight. For some reason, however, there are deep scribings on the exterior of the adaptor sections... The photoetched parts represent the control panels in the cockpit. Parts are also included for a display trailer. The instruction book contains exploded views of each step, with no text and no way to identify the parts except by shape. A copy of the pre-Gemini program NASA Facts booklet is also included as a 'spacecraft history.' The decals are waterslide and include the US Flags, UNITED STATES letters in white and two stars-and-bars (for whatever reason...). For major help in building this model, it's recommended that you get a copy of Mike Mackowski's Space in Miniature #2: Gemini (see the Mail Order Sources page for ordering details.
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(as of 7/14/00)

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Sven Knudson