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Manufacturer: Apollo Decals
Name: "Old 66" Decals
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: decals

This decal set is intended for the Fujimi 1/72 scale SH-3 kits, but could also be used for the Revell-Germany or old MPC Sea King kits. It provides the markings for "Old 66," the prime recovery helicopter for Apollo 8, 10, 11, and 12. The decals are beautifully printed and are identified by number, making placement easy. As noted in the instructions, the decal sheet isn't all inclusive: it doesn't have the typical stencils and other details, so you will need to supplement this sheet if you want to get really picky. The instructions also include tips on how to convert the various kits into an accurate replica of the recovery helicopter, with nice detail drawings for things such as cameras. Each spacecraft's recovery markings are detailed with three view full color placement drawings along with a text description of additional details for each recovery. This, alone, is worth the price... the decals are just a nice bonus!

Apollo Decals also offers a 1/48 scale set for the Hasegawa SH-3 kit.

Order from: Apollo Decals
web: http://www.old66decals.com/
(as of 7/17/11)
$12.00 ($14.00 for the 1/48 scale set)

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