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Manufacturer: AMK
Name: ATV
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 37 resin parts
6 photoetched parts
styrene half-round rod
brass rod
Comments: The resin parts are solid, with crisp details and no visible air holes. All parts are still attached to their pour plugs. The texture of the insulating blankets is molded in place on the main body. The nail represents the docking probe tip, while the half round rod is to be cut and glued to the photoetched arms of the solar arrays. It's not clear to me what the brass rod is for, since it isn't called out in the instructions and it's far too flimsy to be for a stand. The instructions identify the parts with a photo of the parts that assigns numbers to them. These numbers are then used in the graphical steps that make up the main part of the instructions. You'll have to drill some holes to mount the solar arrays and main engines on the rear of the spacecraft. Decals are provided for the front and back of the solar arrays along with the meager markings on the spacecraft itself. However, there is no explicit painting or decal guide in the kit. There are a few photos of the completed kit on the box, though, that can serve as a guide. But your best bet will be to find photos of the actual vehicles on the interwebs.

Thanks to LVM Studios for the review copy!

Reference Price:
(as of 2/23/14)
€ 59.50 (VAT included)

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Sven Knudson