Total Solar Eclipse at The Space Museum

Al Cikas

Map of the Space Museum It's not often we see a total solar eclipse in this country. More amazing yet is when a total solar eclipse occurs over a space museum. This is just what happened with August 21's event. The Space Museum in Bonne Terre, Missouri, was directly under the eclipse's path of totality. Several visitors who discovered the museum "by accident" said it was the best "accident" they'd ever had. Going from daylight to darkness and back in 3 minutes was a spectacular experience. Streets went dark, shadows disappeared, lights came on, and everyone looked up to see totality. An automatic video camers even registered shadow bands while everyone gazed upward. The planets Venus and Jupiter adorned many of the visitors' pictures. A projection telescope provided a CD-size image 5 inches across, something many other eclipse venues did not provide. Touring a space museum as well as seeing the eclipse proved to be a special treat.

These are many of the major pictures taken that day. They tell the story quite well.

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Sven Knudson