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Manufacturer: Fantastic Plastic
Name: DC-X
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 37 resin pieces
styrene rod
Comments: The main airframe is cast with a solid nose, solid adapter ring, two fuselage halves and a base plate. The part edges need some cleaning up, as does the mold seam on the nose. There is also some flash in the base plate holes for the engine nozzles. The exterior has engraved panel details, a smooth surface finish and no visible airholes. The adapter ring is keyed so that it is installed right side up. There are parts to create a detailed engine bay including the engine bells and hydrogen tank supports. The access panels can be installed in the closed or open position: you will need to provide the support rods for the open position, as the supplied styrene rod is to be used to fabricate the landing legs. The instruction sheet includes a brief program history, illustrated assembly steps and a painting and decaling guide. Decals are provided for both the DC-XA and DC-XB versions.
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Sven Knudson