Dear Karl,

        Once again your web site has provided invaluable information.
I have been building the Reheat 120mm Shepard figure for some time.
The biggest problem was having decals made for all the tags and
inscriptions and this has delayed completion.

        When Chris Holmes in England posted his artwork for the 1/6
Armstrong by Revell I persuaded him to modify them for the Shepard
figure. I then was fortunate at the local IPMS annual competition
that someone was demonstrating an Alps printer. I then was able to
have Chris's beautiful artwork converted into decals.

        The decals were so detailed I didn't know where to place them
(ones like Actuator- On-Off). I therefore went to the Little Space
Museum since I remembered that you had some suit diagrams. It was a
great coincidence to find that your diagram had been used by Chris to
prepare all the inscriptions. Every decal corresponded letter for
letter with the inscriptions on your diagrams. Since the decals were
scaled down from a word document to a 120 mm figure it is amazing to
look through a magnifying glass and read all the instructions on how
to fill the water resirvoir on the PLSS. You really can't see it but
it is all there.

        Again it shows how much of an international resource your web
site has become. A diagram that you drew was used by Chris in England
to create the artwork which was sent to another modeler who printed
them here in Sweden for me. your diagram that was used as an
instruction sheet by me to place all the tiny decals, including five
on the OPS that are almost hidden by the helmet.

        The final result of creating the decals based on your
information is an incredibly detailed figure. Although the result is
not a work of art like Ricardo's Shepard posted on Sven's site, it is
a very nice result. Everyone has been amazed when they look through a
magnifying glass and then read all those tiny labels. A miracle of
the new technology of information, internet and Alps printing.

        Mike Koivisto also sends his best. He moved last weekend from
southern Stockholm to a nice place right in the center of the city.
He is very busy with his work for Ericsson in designing the base
stations for mobile telephone networks.


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