Tech info: (Links)

Some very nice technical information about these vehicles can be found
on Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica page:

Click here for info on the LK Lander

Click here for info on the LOK Orbiter

Click here for info on the N-1 rocket

Marcus Lindroos has written an excellent monologue on the history of the Soviet manned lunar program, including background information on the events that shaped the moonrace and some of the poiltics behind the Soviet system.

David S. F. Portree has written an excellent monologue on the Soviet manned lunar program, focusing on the extensive role of EVA planned for the missions.  While you're there, check out the other sections of his EVA Worksite, which covers the entire history of space walking.

A special historical article on the N-1 from Mark Wade's site is here Very detailed source with tons of rare photos - check it out!  NOTE - The article is now in 2 parts.  My link is to part 1.

Sven Grahn's Space History Notes includes detailed information on all four N-1 launches as well as still photos from three of the launches.

Greg Bondar has collected every available image of the N1 from the internet and assembled them into one site on his N1 Photo Clearinghouse.  He also has a great set of links to other sites about this subject.

Many more images of the LK can be found at the Friends & Partners in Space site.

Another excellent reference source is Peter Alway's book "Rockets of the World - A Modeler's Guide".  Click the link to go to his site and see samples from this amazing book, which has set the standard for reference material on booster rockets.

Sadly, today, the only remaining N-1 rocket parts known to the world are sitting in various sites around Baikonur Cosmodrome, being used as storage sheds.  Some photos of them can be seen here.

For dozens of soviet spacecraft photos, most by yours truly, visit Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson's incredible space modeler's site Soviet Space Gallery. (Make sure you tell Sven "Howdy"  while you're there!!)

Modeler's notes:
Real Space Models and Rho Models have or are currently developing models of some of these vehicles.  RealSpace models has the N-1 rocket model available for purchase, and Rho Models is now working on a model of the LK Lander, in two different scales.

Vincent Meens has built some incredible models of Soviet spacecraft and boosters, including the N1, from scratch.  Check them out on his Space Model Web Page.  Incredibly, his models even include cutout sections to view the insides, including the scratch built spacecraft under the shrouds!!!  Unbelievable!!!  Make sure you also look at his scratch built Soyuz booster while you're there!  NOTE: Vincent recently added a detailed set of technical drawings of the N-1, including some of the launch tower.  Click here for them.


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