The Alabama Saturns

The state of Alabama is not only the home of my ex-wife (!), but also the breeding ground of the Saturn family of rockets.  Below are pics of three of them currently on display there: the Saturn 1B rocket, on static display at a rest stop on I-65, just inside the state border coming in from the north; the Saturn 1 unmanned test rocket, and the gigantic Saturn V 1:1 scale model, both of which are on display at the Alabama Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville.

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Saturn 1B

Above: Left - composite of 3 photos showing the stack (156 Kb)
Right - a single shot from several dozen feet away.  Note the park bench and man at the bottom right of the photo, which gives a good idea of the scale of the vehicle (169 Kb)

Saturn 1B H-1 Engines

Left - (57 Kb)
Right - (64 Kb)
The Saturn 1B, little brother to the Saturn V, was used for Apollo earth orbital missions which didn't require a lunar module.  It was flown manned on the first Apollo mission, Apollo 7, the 3 Skylab manned missions, and the final Apollo mission which linked up with a Russian Soyuz space vehicle in earth orbit.

Saturn V

Above: Left - view as you approach the museum, with the Saturn V towering over everything.  I was breathless! (352 Kb)
Center - composite view of the beast, made up of 3 separate photos. (621 Kb)
These images were assembled together for My Little Space Museum by David Harland, author of "Exploring The Moon: The Apollo Expeditions"
Right - close-up of one of the 5 simulated F-1 engines, each larger than a car! (249 Kb)

Above: Saturn engines on display at the Alabama Space & Rocket Center
Left 2 images - Saturn V first stage F-1 engine
Right 2 images - Saturn V second & thrird stage J-2 engine

Saturn 1

Saturn 1 unmanned test rocket on display at the Alabama Space & Rocket Center
Left 235 Kb
Right 204 Kb

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