Apollo Lunar Module
Descent Stage Quad III
Many Thanks to Mr. Paul Fjeld for many of the photos on this page

G and H-Series
Apollo 11, 12, 13, 14
Apollo 11 LM "Eagle"
at Tranquility Base, 
with Quad III "bulge"
Diagram of 
Quad III, 
helium (SHe) tank
Pre-delivery photo 
of Quad III on 
LM 8, "Antares", 
taken at Grumman 
plant in 
Bethpage, NY
Left photo courtesy Kipp Teague's Project Apollo Archive
Right photo courtesy Mr. Paul Fjeld

Apollo 15, 16, 17
Apollo 16 LM 
"Orion", Quad III 
before deployment
One bay open 
on "Orion's"
Quad III
Apollo 17 LM 
"Challenger" with 
Quad III external 
thermal blankets 
In order to maximize the amount of payload carried to the lunar surface, the J-Series LMs of Apollo's 15, 16, & 17 packed all of the LM descent stage quads with equipment.  Quad III contained an LRV pallet, and a "payload pallet" which was different on each mission.
Left and right photos above courtesy Kipp Teague's Project Apollo Archive

J-Series Payload Pallets

 Apollo 17 payload
pallet, with LSP
Apollo 17 
payload pallet after equipment removal
Itemized list of LM descent 
stage contents 
for Apollo 16
Great diagram 
of Apollo 15 
Quad III pallets
Compare to diagram at right
Diagram courtesy Mr. Glenn Johnson
LRV Aft chassis pallet and lunar 
hand tool carrier - these comprised 
the Quad III LRV pallet
Above: LRV 1 photo clearly shows how LRV pallet was mounted to rear of
the vehicle before the carrying handles were removed.  Right photo is
close-up.  Compare to photo at left below - top of pallet as seen in the
bay is to the left in photo above, as pallet was mounted vertically in the
LM and horizontally on the LRV

Following 2 sections are exclusive content to
My Little Space Museum
LM 10, Apollo 15 "Falcon" Quad III photos
Note the SHe and Ambient Helium Tanks behind the LRV pallet
This was before installation of the LR3
Opening internal 
thermal blankets 
using lanyards. 
Note velcro 
strapping.  Compare
to photo here
Left bay open. 
This contained 
the rover pallet, 
shown simulated 
Left and right 
bay open. 
Compare to 
Removing left 
pallet.  Note pins 
on pallet lower 
corner, used to 
hold it in place 
in the bay
Deployment test photos for Quad III
All photos in above 2 tables courtesy of Mr. Paul Fjeld

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