Apollo Mission Profile 

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A typical Apollo lunar landing mission was divided into 18 distinct parts, or phases.
Each phase would normally be preceeded by a Go/No Go decision from Mission Control.
Many of the more critical phases were broken down into smaller parts.

1 Launch
2 Earth orbit insertion - spacecraft checkout
3 Trans-lunar Injection (TLI)
4 Transposition and Docking of CSM to LM
5 Trans-lunar coast
6 Lunar orbit insertion (LOI)
7 Mid-course correction(s)
8 Lunar Module (LM) descent and landing
9 Luar surface operations & Extravehicular Activitity (EVA)
10 LM liftoff
11 LM-Command/Service Module (CSM) docking
12 LM jettison
13 CSM Trans-earth Injection (TEI)
14 Trans-earth coast
15 Mid-course correction(s)
16 Trans-earth EVA (Apollos 15, 16, & 17)
17 Service Module Jettison
18 Reentry
19 Splashdown
18 Recovery

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Launch Phase
Crew insertion into CM Launch First staging LES jettison Second staging

Earth orbit Insertion thru TLI

Earth orbit insertion Trans-lunar Injection

Transposition & Docking thru Lunar Orbit Insertion

CSM Separation CSM-LM Docking Trans-lunar Coast Mid-course Correction Lunar Orbit Insertion

Lunar Orbit thru LM Landing

CSM & LM In 
Lunar Orbit
Crew Transfer to LM LM Descent LM Landing 
Final Phase
LM landing

Lunar Surface Operations & EVA thru LM Jettison

EVA LM Ascent 
Stage Liftoff
CSM-LM Docking CSM-LM Docking LM Ascent 
Stage Jettison

Trans-earth Injection thru CM/SM Separation

Trans-earth Injection Trans-earth Coast Midcourse Correction(s) Trans-earth EVA
(Apollos 15, 16, &17)
CM/SM Separation

Reentry thru Recovery

Reentry Reentry Drogue Parachute 
Main Parachute 
& Recovery

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